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I graduated from the Berlin based University of Applied Sience (HTW) with my Diploma thesis “The meaning of the Corporate Font in a Corporate Design”. During my studies I worked for a top Berlin based design & branding agency – where I gained experience working for big brands including: Bitcom, Volkswagen AG and Tishman Spyer. Upon graduating I immediately won the tender from a broadcasting festival and did a new Corporate Design including all print and web applications for several medias.

Since 4 years I have worked for international clients and got experience in designing and implementing Corporate Designs including print and web design.
The range of client sectors I worked so far:
∙ Political Institutions
∙ Fashion Industry
∙ Professional Services
∙ International Events
∙ Public Service Broadcasting

Choosing freelance over a design agency

The main benefits of choosing a freelance designer is that you will often get the same standard of work but for a fraction of the price. You will also be able to work closely and share ideas much more easily on a much more personal level. I always make sure I am easy to contact and provide a unique level of service, which can be hard to come by when working with a design agency.

Are you looking for someone to work on-site?

I am available for freelance work on-site in London. I have worked on-site for design agencies in the past. I really enjoy this kind of work and offer reduced daily rates depending on commitment and length of contract.